Your Guide to Bee Baby Shower Ideas
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Your Guide to Bee Baby Shower Ideas

Do you love bees? When hosting your baby shower, host a bee baby shower. Here are different baby shower ideas, including decor, food, and dessert ideas, all bee-themed!
Planning a baby shower is tons of fun, and one of the best parts is picking the theme. One precious idea is hosting a bee-themed baby shower. When something as sweet as a baby is entering your life, what could be more perfect? If you need ideas for your bee baby shower, read on.

Decor Recommendations

If the baby's gender hasn't been revealed yet, you could center your d?cor around the phrase "What will it bee?" Hang a banner with that phrase printed on it, and make your color scheme yellow, black, and white. The gender-neutral colors will be perfect for the parents who prefer to be surprised, and the departure from the traditional pastels will be fun. If the mom-to-be does know the gender of the baby, you could hang signs welcoming the baby "to the hive." Wrap napkins and invitations with yellow and black striped paper, and hang yellow and black chevron fabric as a cute photo backdrop. You could even get some daisies to put around in vases.

Food Suggestions

There are lots of cute bee-themed food ideas you can include at your shower. Try making deviled eggs look like bees by adding wings made from sliced almond sand stripes made from olive slices. You could also have peanut butter and honey finger sandwiches for your guests to snack on. For drinks, you might want to serve honey lemonade. If you can find one, maybe serve the drinks on beehive-shaped pitchers. And you may want to include honey sticks for your guests to sweeten their tea with or take home as a souvenir!

Dessert Inspiration

Of course, when it comes to dessert for your bee-themed baby shower, honey is a must. Serve honey cake or a bee-shaped sheet cake. If you want to do a tea, whip up some honey butter to go on scones. You can make cupcakes look like beehives with icing, some yellow sugar, and a candy bee you can find at a craft store. Maybe make some bee-themed cake pops. Or have a cookie decorating contest and see which of your guests can ice the best bee!

Entertainment Ideas

There are a few fun games you can play at a bee-themed baby shower. If the gender of the baby is still a surprise, have guests guess whether the baby will be a queen or a king bee. They can vote with blue or pink flowers. You can also have guests fill out cards for the baby to read when he or she is older. Have prompt lines such as, "I hope you grow to be _____." You can also have guests write down fun stories of the mother-to-"bee" and have everyone guess who "bee-membered" that.

Supplies for Your Bee Baby Shower

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