What Fabrics Are Ideal for Nursery Bedding
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What Fabrics Are Ideal for Nursery Bedding

Making up your little one's bed is not as simple as setting up your own. Here are some tips for choosing the right fabrics for your baby girl nursery bedding.
You want the best for your newborn, right? So you feed them only the best, dress them in cute onesies, and make sure they have plenty of pacifiers, among other things. But have you stopped to think about what your baby is sleeping on? The recommendation is just to have a fitted sheet on your crib mattress. With that said, we'll go over the best fabric for girl nursery bedding. Ready to find out what they are? Let's get into it.


Cotton is probably the most common fabric there is on the market today. And that's for good reason. Cotton is breathable, lightweight, and allows air to circulate. That means your baby will be kept comfortable all night long. To ensure your baby is getting the best, opt for organic or pure cotton. These types of sheets won't trap heat and they'll last for years to come. As for organic options, they're hypoallergenic. And did we mention they're easy to maintain? Cotton sheets are easy to wash and won't pill as a result.


Before you cringe at this option, hear us out. There are types of polyester that are woven differently than the traditional way. Satin and microfiber crib sheets are made from 100% polyester. These weaves make it a less expensive product but you get the same comfort and durability as with cotton. If your baby fusses during the night, you can rest easy knowing they can't rip their sheets as it's tear-resistant. For the cooler months, these are a great choice as they retain heat. The only thing you need to be aware of is the different brands selling polyester bedding. The quality varies so make sure you do your research before buying. This is to ensure your baby gets sheets that won't irritate their skin.


If you live where it gets extremely cold, consider getting flannel crib sheets. Flannel is ideal for colder weather as it'll trap the heat. That'll make your baby feel toasty but without overheating them. Unlike traditional flannel fabric, those made with natural materials like cotton and wool will be soft and supple. But be wary of those made with a synthetic fiber blend. That could cause your baby discomfort as the fabric will feel rough on their delicate skin. As with polyester, be sure to do your research. Each brand has a different mixture and idea of what flannel fabric should be. Those made of low-quality will be more prone to pilling, which will make it a nightmare to wash. If you're still wary about choosing flannel, fleece is a great option as it's fluffy and will keep your baby warm.

Wrap Your Baby in Comfort with These Nursery Bedding Options

Giving your baby the best sheets means doing your research and sticking to natural fibers. These girl nursery bedding options will ensure your baby sleeps calmly through the night. After all, if they don't sleep, you don't either. Could your baby's nursery use a makeover? Check out our latest nursery decor today!