Top 6 Baby Items Every New Parent Needs
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Top 6 Baby Items Every New Parent Needs

It can be overwhelming for new parents to figure out everything they need to bring their bundle of joy home. With these 6 baby items, you will be ready.
Despite the fact that the United States suffers from the lowest birthrate in the last 30 years, the population continues to rise. There's always someone having kids! If you're expecting a newborn soon, you need to get the essential baby items to ensure that they achieve their first three months' milestones. Infants have a lot of important needs and you'll want to stay prepared. Not sure what you need? You can start with our top 6 baby items every parent needs:

#1: Diapers

It's not the most glamorous item on the list, but it's one of the most important. Do your research and try to get the top brands on the market. Stock up as much as you can because making last-minute purchases won't be easy.

#2: Baby Toiletries

This includes baby shampoo and body wash. Always pick the non-toxic brands to ensure that you don't put your baby into unnecessary danger. If you're more of an outdoor parent, make sure to buy sunscreen for them. The best brands have at least 10% zinc oxide without parabens and oxybenzone. It ensures that you don't upset their sensitive endocrine systems.

#3: Diaper Bag

In most cases, you won't have any means of knowing the best diaper bags that work for you. But a lot of moms recommend you use backpack-type diaper bags. After all, carrying about 20 lbs. of baby supplies on your shoulder isn't the best for your muscles. The general rule is that you need something ergonomic without compromising function.

#4: Baby Clothes

Even if your friends or parents buy your upcoming baby some clothes, you'll likely need more. A lot of new parents don't realize the fact that newborns can sleep throughout the majority of the day. What this means is that they're often wearing baby gowns instead of the smocked, cute outfits people buy for you. If you haven't found out the baby's gender yet, you can avail of gift cards in certain places. This allows you to buy the clothes once you need them.

#5: Baby Monitor

Safety is one of the most important things you need for your newborn. After all, unintentional injuries are the primary reason for mortality among American children. If you really need to do something and you need to leave the baby alone for a bit, you need to get a baby monitor.

#6: Baby Gloves

Also known as hand covers, it's a necessity because covers your newborn's hands. This is to ensure that your newborn doesn't end up scratching themselves. They still have sensitive skin, and even simple scratches can turn into something serious. Remember, babies and toddlers learn from touching a lot. They need to be safe when they start feeling their surroundings.

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As new parents, you need to know a lot of things about the appropriate products you need for your newborn. There are more baby items you need to consider but these are the most essential. Don't restrict yourself with these--go out there and get as many items you think you need. Are you in need baby clothes? Are you looking for more great baby items? Contact us today and we'll help you.