Top 5 First Time Dad Tips Every Man Should Know
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Top 5 First Time Dad Tips Every Man Should Know

Does it seem like every article on the internet is written for new moms? From products for mom to items for baby, all this advice seems geared towards mothers. And that's great for mom--but what about dad? A new baby's arrival changes the life of both parents, not just mom. So if you're a new dad in need of advice, you've come to the right place. Read on for 5 first time dad tips that will make your new role much easier.

1. Be There (As Much As Possible)

Sadly, less than 15% of American companies offer paid paternity leave. For the vast majority of working dads, paid leave isn't available. And for those with access to it, many fail to take it. Whether your leave is paid or unpaid, take as much as you're able to. Use your vacation time or beg if you have to. But you will never, ever regret those precious weeks spent with your firstborn son or daughter. Bonus: You'll score major brownie points with mom too!

2. And Then There Were Three

Yes, your first child is a momentous event. Your parents, neighbors, friends, and colleagues are sure to want to visit and meet the new arrival. That's fine--within reason. Visitors can help with neglected household chores like cooking and cleaning or simply give you and your wife a few moments to rest. Just keep the number of visitors (and the length of their visits) within reason. The three of you also need plenty of time to bond together as a new family.

3. Step up on Household Chores

Even if you suck at doing housework, guess what? Your significant other just gave birth to another human. No matter how tired or stressed you might feel, she's having an infinitely harder week than you are! It's time to step up your game around the house so she can focus on her role as a new mom. Make the bed, do the laundry, and tidy up the living room. If you're hopeless in the kitchen, order some takeout. Your efforts are sure to be very much appreciated.

4. That Includes Nighttimes Too

Yes, you're both exhausted. Yes, you have a tiny, needy human to take care of. But it's not fair to make mom be the main caretaker 24/7. When your baby starts crying in the night, take turns getting up so you both get at least a little bit of rest. Besides, once your son or daughter has calmed down, you'll come to cherish those quiet moments in the night when it's just the two of you.

5. If in Doubt: Ask

As a new parent, you might at times feel overwhelmed. Maybe you don't know what to do to help out. If this sounds like you, ask what you can do to help. Even if new dads are at a loss, new mothers are undoubtedly keeping a running to-do list in their minds. She might ask you to walk the dog, run to the store, or warm a bottle in the microwave. Just knowing you're there to help will make a world of difference in your new family arrangement.

First Time Dad Tips (And More)

As a new father, you're no doubt anxious about the new direction your life has taken. By using these first time dad tips, you'll be well on your way to Dad of the Year. Looking for more great advice for dads and moms? Check out our latest blog posts. Looking to buy an awesome baby bodysuit for Dad'd Babee? Shop Now!