The Best Free Baby Shower Games to Play This Year
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The Best Free Baby Shower Games to Play This Year

Free Baby Shower Games Your Party Will Love

A party can't be fun without games right? Let's have a peek at the best free baby shower games to play in 2018.
Are you planning your baby shower? If this is your first time hosting a shower, you're probably not sure how to entertain your guests. There are plenty of fun games you can play. Rather than settling for boring games such as pi?ata, be more creative with your entertainment choices. There are many fun baby-themed games. These games get you excited for motherhood and help excite your guests. Here are fun and free baby shower games and ideas for your upcoming baby shower.

Celebrity Mom Trivia

What better way to prepare for motherhood than by indulging in your favorite pastime: celebrity news. Use your amazing knowledge of celebrity moms and create a trivia game. You can create different questions and suggestions so your guests can try and guess the mom. You can also hold up a picture of a mom and have your guests try and name their kids. What about pregnant celebrities? Try and find all of the facts you can, such as their due date and the gender reveal. See how well your guests know these facts.

Gender Reveal Voting

Do you know your child's gender, but haven't told anyone? If so, a gender reveal voting game will entice your guests. They will vote on your child's gender prediction. After everyone casts their votes, you announce the gender. You have different options with this game. You can urge guests to vote as they walk in. Or you can organize a time when everyone votes. But you should announce the gender before the end of your party so there's plenty of time to celebrate. This also works as a conversation starter. When you reveal the gender, your guests can suggest products to buy or ways to raise your child.

Baby-to-Mom Match-Up

If your guests are also parents, ask them to bring pictures of themselves and their children. Take a board and have parent photos on one side and baby photos on the other side. Have your guests take turns and try and match the correct child to their parents. For other pregnant guests, the expected mom can take a picture of her belly. The correct belly can be matched to the correct guest. This game is better if it's an adult-only baby shower.

The Cutest Pet and Animal Contest

Dog and cat moms are moms, too. And pets are also our babies. This is why animals also work as baby shower games! Have each guest bring in a picture of their pets (or better yet, bring them to the party). If a guest doesn't have a pet, they can bring in a picture of their favorite baby animal or a picture of them at a zoo with an animal. Everyone will vote on who has the cutest baby animal and the winner will receive an animal-themed prize.

Time to Play These Free Baby Shower Games

Your baby shower is the day you and your loved ones anticipate the coming of your child. But your gifts shouldn't be the only shower excitement. Baby shower games also a chance to connect with your guests. Play free baby shower games and use these ideas to make your baby shower more exciting. Do you love bees? Shop our bee baby products.