Milestones for Baby - Months Four through Six
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Milestones for Baby - Months Four through Six

Continuing in our milestones for baby series, this article looks at the next three months in baby's development. These months are an exciting time in your baby's life - each day brings exciting new adventures!<!--more-->

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Please remember that each baby develops at their own unique pace, and these are just general guidelines.

As your baby becomes more aware of their world, they begin exploring. During these months, baby's physical skills continue to develop. Baby will learn to roll from their back onto their tummy, and tummy onto their back. They can reach for toys while on their tummy, using a raking grasp to pull objects closer for their inspection. When they are on their back, they will reach to play with their feet, even pulling them to their mouth! They use both hands to explore toys, and can transfer objects from hand to hand. Baby can support their weight on both legs (while you hold them, of course). By six months, many babies begin sitting alone. Creeping or crawling typically follows.

Your baby's cognitive skills are rapidly developing at this time. Baby begins to respond to their name, as well as the word "no", which as a parent you will use frequently! They start to distinguish emotions by the tone of your voice. Baby responds to sounds by making consonant sounds (da-da-da), which is referred to as babbling. They will use babbling to get your attention. They begin to notice that some of their toys make sounds. Your baby will begin to find partially hidden objects, like a toy under a blanket, learning that objects exist outside their site (object permanence). Peek-a-boo is a fun game to introduce at this time.

Social skills are fun to watch develop. Put a mirror in front of your baby and watch them looking at their reflection move and smile. At this time they don't realize the image is their own. Babies love to play, and now is a good time to introduce them to children of their own age.

Baby is showing more interest in food during these months. They may begin to eat cereal and pureed foods. When you are spoon feeding your baby, you will notice their mouth open in anticipation of the next delicious bite!

In our next milestones for baby article we will highlight baby's development from seven months to their first birthday.