Dressing up Baby: Your Newborn Clothes Checklist
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Dressing up Baby: Your Newborn Clothes Checklist

You've bought the cot, painted the nursery, but what is the baby going to wear? The range of choice can be daunting, but never fear. Take a look at this newborn clothes checklist to ensure you have everything you need to keep your little one comfortable and cosy.
Congratulations! Your new bundle of joy is on its way. You've no doubt filled your registry with baby furniture, diapers and other essentials, even some popular baby toys. But one of the most overlooked registry items is clothes. Parents assume clothes will show up at the baby shower. But most guests like to give the fun stuff or the big gifts. If you're planning your registry or completing your post-shower shopping, you need a newborn clothes checklist. Don't worry, you can use ours! This baby clothes list has all the newborn clothing essentials you need. Follow this guide to make sure you don't miss anything.

Choosing Sizes

It's always smart to have a few preemie outfits early in the pregnancy, just in case. For the rest of the outfits, make sure you have some newborn outfits and a lot of 0-3 and 3-month outfits. You never know how big your baby will be. Many babies outgrow newborn outfits before they even leave the womb! You may never use your preemie and newborn outfits. But you are sure to need the larger sizes.

Homecoming Outfit

Be sure to plan the adorable outfit your little one will come home from the hospital in. You know there will be lots of pictures, so have the perfect outfit ready and waiting in your hospital bag. As you won't know baby's size, have some backups as well.

Receiving Blankets

This may be the most important clothing item you need since newborns spend most of their time swaddled or feeding. You will need at least 3 swaddling blankets or receiving blankets large enough to swaddle the baby in. Practice on a baby doll at home to make sure the blankets are large enough. Bring 8 additional receiving blankets as they have many uses. You can use them to line a changing table or as burp cloths, for instance. You may also want to buy some thick, absorbent burp cloths.


For baby's shirts, choose 8 onesies (the shirts with snaps in the crotch area). These keep baby's shirt on while still leaving easy access for diaper changes.

Comfortable Pants

Get baby some comfortable stretchy pants to keep warm. Bring at least 5 pairs in case of accidents.

Footie Pajamas

Bring 5 pairs of footie pajamas for Baby to sleep in.

Socks and Gloves

These keep baby's feet and hands warm. In addition, the mittens protect baby from accidentally scratching his face. Bring 8 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of mittens.

Hats and Shoes

It's important to keep baby's head warm, especially in the winter. But the shoes are just for show because they are super cute for your homecoming pictures. Bring 2 hats and at least 1 pair of shoes.

Extra Layers

For winter babies, there are a few options for extra layers. Jackets are cute but they'll be outgrown very quickly. If you go with jackets, bring 2. Otherwise, you can get a baby bunting bag, which is like a warm, fluffy sleeping bag. Get the kind that fits into car seats and strollers. They are the more practical option. You'll probably only use it when traveling, so 1 should be fine. But in case of spit-up, you may want 2. The other practical option is swaddling the baby in extra layers of warm, fluffy baby blankets.

Your Newborn Clothes Checklist

Use this newborn clothes checklist and you'll have all you need to fill baby's closet. And once baby's taken care of, remember to take care of mommy, too. Be sure to check out helpful products for new moms.