Bee Themed Party Ideas for a Boy's First Birthday
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Bee Themed Party Ideas for a Boy's First Birthday

Are you deciding which first birthday party theme you want for your son? Choose a bee themed party! Here are some bee birthday party ideas.
Scientists fear that bees may become extinct in the near future, but the time they'll disappear from the children's hearts is not coming soon. Even with the rise of superheroes and video game characters, a bee themed party is still a popular choice. If that's what you're planning for your next party, we can give some ideas on how you can pull it off. Maybe have a segment where you educate the guests on the importance of bees and other fun facts? Are you looking for bee-centered games and activities? Read on to see how you can bring a bee birthday party to life.

Bee Themed Decorations

Of course, you can't have a bee birthday party without the relevant decorations. Let's see which bumble bee party ideas we can incorporate:
  • yellow and black
  • honeycomb
  • hive
  • the bumblebee
You can buy bees to hang from the ceiling (or trees for an outdoor bumble bee themed party) or you can make them yourself using some paint, paper, and creativity. Put yellow and black stripes everywhere: painted pots, table covers, balloons, plates, and other stuff. The honeycomb design is easy, too, with yellow craft paper. Cut individual hexagon shapes and put them together on the wall or on a surface you can glue them to. All it takes is a little imagination to give your baby a bee party using this decor.

Bee Themed Food

Don't forget the food as well! You can have a professional baker create a bee cake, which will likely use fondant so everything is edible (you don't want kids choking on non-edible food decorations). You can also put edible bees on cupcakes with yellow icing, or get cookies with the bee designs. Don't forget honey, too! If you can bake and cook, incorporate it into the food you'll serve. Put some on your lemonade and serve the drink on some hive-shaped dispenser. You can also serve honeycomb cereals on theater popcorn boxes, kids will surely love it.

Bee Themed Party Invitations

Want your visitors to be clear about the theme of your party? Send them bumble bee themed party invitations! For a simple and clean idea, get a company to design the card for you, which will likely consist of yellow, black, pictures of bees, and maybe some bee puns. If you want to go down the creative route, send some bee- or hive-shaped invitations instead.

Bee Themed Party Favors

After your visitors leave, don't let them forget about the awesome bee experience they just had with bee party favors. Use the same bumble bee party ideas above for your party favors. Hand your guests some honey on their way out, or print bees and paste them into bubbles containers. Macarons, cupcakes, and cookies are also great as party favors, or if you have older guests, give them some hive-shaped candles to take home.

All Things Bees

Don't forget to dress up the star of the party in a cute bee suit to complete the birthday theme. For some bee clothing ideas, visit our shop and browse through our wide selection of bee-themed items. If you have any questions for your bee themed party, don't hesitate to contact us now.