5 Essential Crib Safety Tips For New Moms
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5 Essential Crib Safety Tips For New Moms

Are you worried about keeping your baby safe and sound while they sleep? Read here for 5 essential crib safety tips for new moms to ease your mind.
Crib safety is an essential focus for new moms. After all, ten thousand infant ER visits per year are due to accidental crib-related injuries. But don't stress! We have some great tips that will keep your baby safe and your mind at ease. They're simple, stress-free, and significantly reduce the risk of your baby suffering an injury while sleeping. Want to know more? Keep reading for five essential crib safety tips for new moms. Let's get started!

1. Check the Mattress

Your baby's mattress should be firm and fit snug into their crib. A tight-fitting mattress will prevent your baby from slipping into the space between the mattress and the slats. The mattress should have a fitted sheet that's meant for crib mattresses only, and nothing else.

2. Place Baby on Their Back

The safest way for your baby to sleep is on their back. If you put them to sleep on their front or side, there is a risk of suffocation. When on their front, something called "rebreathing" can occur, which is when the baby begins to inhale the carbon dioxide from its own exhaled air.

3. Nothing but Baby Goes in the Crib

Before you put your baby down to sleep, make sure that there is nothing in its crib. This means no blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows. Although these things seem cute, they pose a nighttime threat to your baby's safety. Items in your baby's crib can increase the likelihood of accidental suffocation or strangulation. You never know how your baby may move around during the night and what they may come into contact with if it's within reach.

4. Scan Baby's Room

Do a safety check of the entire room your baby is sleeping in to ensure complete crib safety. Are there any wires or cables near the crib? Is there anything hanging directly above the crib like photos or a mobile? Remove any items that could fall into the crib, or that your baby could grab. Make sure that the crib is at least three feet away from all furniture and windows. Nursery decor is adorable, and can even help your baby's sensory development. So, don't feel like your baby's room needs to be bare. Just keep the decor at a safe distance while your little one snoozes.

5. Always Follow Directions to Ensure Crib Safety

When assembling your baby's crib, make sure that you follow directions in a strict manner. If there are extra parts left over when you're done, this means that you have assembled the cot incorrectly. Can't figure out what went wrong? Call the crib manufacturer. It's better to be overcautious than to compromise your baby's safety. And remember, safety regulations are always changing. Buying a used crib is a bad idea for this reason.

You're Doing Great!

We know that being a new mom is stressful, and can be full of doubts and worries. But as long as you follow the tips above, crib safety doesn't have to be one of those worries. Just remember to check that your baby's crib is properly assembled, has a tight-fitting mattress and that it is empty while your baby rests. When you put them down to sleep, place them on their back and make sure that the crib is away from any furniture. Now, all that's left to do is sing them a lullaby until they're fast asleep! Have any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. We're here to help!