3 Cute Baby Shower Prizes Everyone Will Enjoy
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3 Cute Baby Shower Prizes Everyone Will Enjoy

Having a fun baby shower is the hope of any expecting mom. We look at some of the cutest baby shower prizes your guests will have fun taking home.
Congratulations on the newest addition to your growing family. As you are expecting your newborn baby to arrive soon, it's time for you to plan and enjoy your baby shower. You might already have a running list of your family members and friends to invite. You might have the food menu prepared and ready to go. You might even have the venue set up already. Throwing the perfect baby shower is essential. Consider these etiquette guidelines to ensure your shower won't be forgotten or underappreciated. Still, though, you are looking for great ideas for prizes for your guests. You know there are going to be some fun games for everyone. What should you present as your ultimate baby shower prizes? Detailed below are a few ideas that you might consider. These are the top three exciting, and perhaps surprising prizes that your guests will love.

Customizable Gift Baskets

Picture it: you just opened your last baby shower gift of a set of infant t-shirts. It's time to play the first baby shower game, and you're excited. You know the winner of this first game is going home with a complete gift basket. It'll surprise them with wine, cheeses, and chocolates that anyone would enjoy. You're almost jealous, but you're still glad you get to hand out this timeless prize.

A Small Succulent Plant

Imagine giving a small plant the winner of your shower's baby statistic game. The only filled out a free baby statistic game printout you found online, but you want to reward them nonetheless. For reference, the baby statistic game is a common one at showers. Guests guess all the various measurements and such of the upcoming baby. The winner of this guessing game is eventually given the prize for accuracy. Think about giving the prize of a small succulent, which is a fairly popular plant and easy to manage. It could be a symbol of new life, and you and the game-winner can celebrate together.

Giftcards for a Lunch Date After the Baby Arrives

It's common knowledge that a newborn baby is a lot of work for new parents. Family members and friends tend to know that relationships with these new parents might change. They might not be available to hang out as often. That's understandable, though, and with effort, the relationships can be maintained. One way to ensure that is by gifting your baby shower guests with gift cards as prizes. That way, once you are both free after the baby is born, you guys can be intentional about catching up and showing off your favorite baby pictures.

Continue To Stay Informed After Selecting Baby Shower Prizes

Being a parent is no easy task. It's way more involved than picking out the best baby shower prizes. There are a lot of ins and outs for you to navigate. You don't have to do it all on your own, though. We encourage you to stay informed about all the top parenting practices of the day. In fact, check out the rest of our blog to stay up to date.